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Project: Untitled

for good icons

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project: untitled
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This layout was provided by minty_peach Thanks very much.

This is a community where you can post all of your icon goodness, no matter what the theme. It's a counterpiece to the many tv-show centered icon communities where you can't post your other stuff (not that that's a bad thing) but I thought it'd be nice if you had a place where you can post everything, literally. If you want to be a maker here, you have to apply here, more about the application process further down!


If you think you have what it takes to become a maker here, you need to apply first at this post. (Don't worry, I won't bite :))
First, join the community. (don't friend cause then I can't grant you posting access!)
Read the Rules carefully for the 'secret phrase' you need to put into your subject line so I know you read them.
Post at least 5 but not more than 10 Icons you recently made along with a link to your graphics journal.
Wait for my 'verdict'.
If you're declined, don't try again for at least another 2 weeks (noone can improve that fast ^.~) or your application will be ignored and deleted.


x Icons must be 100x100 and 40kb
x Credit fo textures, brushes etc. must be given
x Don't post icons that aren't yours
x Comment and Credit if you take icons
x You may post Wallpapers or banners but just together with icons
x More than three Icons behind a cut
x secret phrase is: Morituri te salutant!
x please do not link to friends only posts
x NO linking to locked posts in your journals!


Tagging is new and viable for you guys to find certain posts. So whenever you post, tag the fandoms you posted at. For example: House MD, prison Break, Buffy....etc.



x the_crapshack
x icons_whispered
x allweeklong
x toastybananas__
x suicidalxlies
x camarastilettos
x sweets_bitches
x 100x100elite
x icon_talk
x good_gilmore
x museshowcase
x obsessiveicons
x good_ggicons
x good_losticons
x goodwhitecollar

x padackles_j2

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